Thing 1

Having seen cpd23 around for a while now and thought it was a good thing, now is the time to finally bite the bullet and get stuck in.

There are several reasons for me to start the course:

1 Although I am familiar with some of the tools it covers, there are some that I’ve never used (and probably others which I’ve never heard of)

2 I’m aware that although I consider myself to be fairly engaged and up-to-date as a professional, I’ve never really launched myself into the whole social networking thing, other than Facebook, and I’m really beginning to feel left behind. I think that there’s an increasing expectation that librarians tweet and blog to communicate both with each other and with their users, so it’s about time I caught up.

3 In terms of “catching up”, now’s a good a time as any, as I fairly recently returned from maternity leave, so can still use that as an excuse for having fallen behind… It’s also a good time to reflect a bit on my career as I’ve now been in my current post for 3 years, and although I love it and find it more challenging than ever, this will provide a good opportunity to reflect on where I am and where I might want to be in 5 year’s time.

Looking forward to some interesting weeks.


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2 responses to “Thing 1

  1. Hello there, and Happy Mother’s Day (here in the U.S.). I like your plan to use this program as an opportunity to reflect on your career. Some of the learning and exposure to new things and people that you will likely experience can have a positive inspiring effect. Wishing you all the best in this program and with your goals.

  2. Christinalbr

    Hello there, I’m just reading through some blogs as part of thing 2 and wishing people luck along the way. I hope you get what you want from taking part 🙂

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