Thing 1

Having seen cpd23 around for a while now and thought it was a good thing, now is the time to finally bite the bullet and get stuck in.

There are several reasons for me to start the course:

1 Although I am familiar with some of the tools it covers, there are some that I’ve never used (and probably others which I’ve never heard of)

2 I’m aware that although I consider myself to be fairly engaged and up-to-date as a professional, I’ve never really launched myself into the whole social networking thing, other than Facebook, and I’m really beginning to feel left behind. I think that there’s an increasing expectation that librarians tweet and blog to communicate both with each other and with their users, so it’s about time I caught up.

3 In terms of “catching up”, now’s a good a time as any, as I fairly recently returned from maternity leave, so can still use that as an excuse for having fallen behind… It’s also a good time to reflect a bit on my career as I’ve now been in my current post for 3 years, and although I love it and find it more challenging than ever, this will provide a good opportunity to reflect on where I am and where I might want to be in 5 year’s time.

Looking forward to some interesting weeks.


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